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PURPLE ROAD, DAMP SUN - performance

WUKA, Chemin des Clochtons 31, 1004 Lausanne


PURPLE ROAD, DAMP SUN - performance

Mythic Beings, Liste Special Project, Basel


PURPLE ROAD, DAMP SUN - performance

Le Grain, Geneva

*1997, CH


Wren Cellier lives and works in Lausanne. Their research focuses on identity, gender, relationships and embodiment through the notion of interconnection. Working with different mediums, they tend to create a specific atmosphere in a space, balancing between comfort and discomfort, vulnerability and strangeness. Using their voice and body allow them to create an emotional, poetical impact and build a connection with the audience.

« In my transdisciplinary work, I question the concepts of identity and intersubjectivity as well as the limits that determine us. Body, space and sound are the core elements for my performances and installations. For these, I create ceramics, costumes, paintings, poems. I recite texts, produce soundtracks, sing and interact directly with sets of objects within a given space in order to create a new kind of constellation and narrative. Working on issues such as gender, relationship and embodiment, I try to conceive other ways of being in or connecting to the world.

Inspired by all types of organic or bodily extensions like tentacles, roots and body shells, I am fascinated by their potential and power and by the rims and edges that they form. I question interconnections considering the space between them and try to stretch, extend or manipulate our rigid sociological and urban structures imagining hybrid and chaotic creatures in fragile and dystopian environments.

Texts by Jack Halberstam, Karen Barad or Paul B. Preciado push me into multiplying my points of view, deconstruct categories and develop my personal language. I also draw my inspiration from ancient and contemporary myths.

Intervening in a space with my body and sound is an attempt for me to enliven objects differently, imagine a strange, polymorphic world and find an emancipatory force in it.


2022    Master in Fine Arts, IAGN, Academy of Art & Design, Basel

2020    Bachelor in Fine Arts, HEAD, Geneva

solo shows

2024   PURPLE ROAD, DAMP SUN, Espace eeeeh !, Nyon

2023    Qu'attends-tu pour voler, MÂT espace d’art, Neuchâtel

performances / group shows & collective works

2023   Free the memory, as part as the exhibition PURITY – Anita Mucolli, CACY, Yverdon-les-Bains

2022    I Hear a New World – 14 Miaows of the Future, Fondation Beyeler, Basel

2022    Peace or Never, Graduation Show, Kunsthaus Baselland, Basel

2021    Rewind II (no things fixed), Strecke Records, Fribourg

2021    ACT festival - édéa, Arsenic, Lausanne
2020    Common dream, flotation school, far° festival, Nyon
2020    Grand Tour, exposition de diplôme, Geneva
2020    Collectif Soupe, Espace 3353, Geneva
2019    Sammelsurium, Espace Cheminée Nord, Usine Kugler, Geneva
2019    Collectif Soupe
, Biennale Interstellaire des espaces d’art, Geneva

2018    ^Hodler^, LiveInYourHead, Geneva
2018    Le plus profond c’est la peau, Le Cabanon, UNIL – Chamberone, Lausanne



2023    Wind Tunnel Festival, ZHdK, Zürich

2023    Mille rêves brûlant en moi, Fête de la Musique, Fondation Pernod Ricard, Paris

2023    How to build an oerlikon dream house, Oerlikon

2023    Bongo Joe, Geneva

2023    Shapeshifter, Ausstellungsraum Klingental, Basel


2023    Transmitting Stones, Sable & Chaux, Bâle/Loco, Val Osernone

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