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Le Passe-murailles, performance golden wall, gold lettering fontamental, wooden cuckoo clock, camera, projector, 12.15 min, 2020

Le Passe-murailles is created by Diane Rivoire following Sylvain Gelewski's invitation for the collective exhibition: Sammelsurium (bureau des questions fondamentales), at L’espace cheminée nord, Usine Kugler, on November 31 2019. The main theme of the exhibition concerned artists’ remuneration.

Inspired by Marcel Aymé’s text and Walter Benjamin’s storytelling, this performance invokes speech, turns into actions, jokes, dialogues, songs and choreography in the darkness of a Halloween night. In this collective work, we have been inspired by scenes from the Broadway musical Rhythm produced by Jack Cummings, to create the dialogues and costumes.

With Diane Rivoire, Ekaterina Kotelskaya, Annabelle Galland

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